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Device Tutorial

1. VLC Media Player 

a. Download Vlc Media Player
b. Open VLC Media Player
c. Press CTRL + N (ie. open Network Stream)
d. Paste the link we gave you and click on play
e. Now press CTRL + L to view our playlist


Guide Follow the instructions on the following video and dont forget to pause if you need to.

3. Android Guide

a. Download the following app - PROG TV and enter the URL and Enjoy! OR try the one Below
a. Download the following app - IPTV APP
b. Install MX player (required)
c. Open IPTV App and press +Add Playlist -> Add URL. Copy and paste the your url and it will load the streams

4. iOS Guide

a. Download the following app - GSE SMART IPTV PRO
b. Follow tutorial at GSE SMART IPTV TUTORIAL


a. Download Smart IPTV app from your TV app store
b. Goto http://siptv.eu/mylist/ on your PC
c. Enter your TV MAC Address that appears when you load your app for the first time (On the add external playlist)
d. Paste the M3U link we provide and press add link
PS: Does not work on earlier smart tv models.

6. XBOX ONE & PS 4

a. Go to Web Player and enter your login details and enjoy
b. Known bug on PS4 (Play button stuck) FIX: Press the options button and then go on settings and then press circle to go back onto the stream

a. How To work out details
b. Your username and password is included in the line we provide you:
http://xxxxx.com:4512/get.php?username=(this is your username)&password=(this is your password)&type=m3u&output=ts


a. Download IP Television App and enter your login details and enjoy

Lag Fix

1. Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Fast Enough!

We Recommend you have a download speed of at least 5-6 Mbps For Our Service To Run Smoothly.
To Test your Internet Connection use a site such as http://www.speedtest.net to test your download speed.

It is recommended to use a wired Ethernet cable if possible to ensure you are getting the maximum speed from your line.

2. Try Using a VPN

Your Connection to our server might be slowed down by your internet provider :(

Internet Providers like DSL and Cable providers may guarantee you X amount of bandwidth but they don't guarantee that they will spread that bandwidth equally to all of your online activities. Instead, they like to reserve the right to slow down (throttle) certain websites, services, or ports and it could well be the case your isp is slowing down your connection to our server :( This is most common in the uk and is usualy in peek browsing times that they slow your connection

The Best Known Fix For this problem is to use a VPN Service to prevent your isp slowing your down. We Recomend you use a paid VPN Service to get best results. Here are a list of good VPN services. (remember to choose the VPN server closest to you)

1. https://www.safervpn.com/ - $7.50 Per Month or 34$ for 6 months (Best to get a 7 day trial to test if using a vpn fixes your issues)
2. https://www.ipvanish.com/ - $7.50 Per Month
3. https://www.purevpn.com// - $9.99 Per Month
Their are some free/cheaper options but the vpn providers above have been tested and are all good quality High speed

3. Fix for VLC Channel switching

a, VLC - preference - input codecs - access module - HTTP(S): enable "auto reconnect", "continuous stream"
b. VLC - preference - stream output: "stream output muxer caching ( ms)" = 8000

4. Adding A Buffer To VLC 

Tutorial How to Add Buffer To Vlc

5. Common Issues

a. Make sure device is not on power saving mode
b. Weak WIFI Signal/Interference - Improve wifi performance by switching channels manually
c. Other Family members hogging your bandwidth...(Downloading movies etc :P )

Feel free to contact us if you are still facing lag